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Features & Fun

Boomerang Videos

Our Gifyyy booth will create super fun boomerang videos on the spot which your guests can text themselves immediately for instant fun and instant social media!

Still Photos

The Gifyyy Booth also creates still images which can also be sent via text or email immediately to your guests phone - a really fun keepsake from your wedding!

Right to Your Phone

The boomerang videos and still photos are sent instantly to your guests phone after they enter their phone number for immediate social media tagging! It's super fun!

Small, Stylish & Self-serve

Our Gifyyy Booth is completely self-serve, it doesn't take up a lot of space and it's really sleek looking. It fits with every kind of wedding style and decor!

Our Gifyyy Photobooth is fun, fresh and exciting!

Common Questions

Our Gifyyy Booth sends all content via text message right at your wedding. Your guests can save to their phone, email it, or share on social media. Also all of your boomerangs and still photos are saved to an online gallery that you’ll receive after the wedding. It’s really a ton of fun. No need to worry about losing printed photos!

You definitely don’t need one with our Gifyyy Booth! Because of how much fun people have with the moving boomerang videos, and because we like to face our glowing light towards people and away from walls, we don’t recommend adding a backdrop. You’re more than welcome to bring your own backdrop but you’ll be responsible for setting up and tearing it down. 

We don’t recommend props with our Gifyyy Booth, and here’s why – most traditional photo booths offer props because they’re fun. But they tend to create long lines for guests during your wedding. Have you ever waiting in a photo booth line? Not a lot of fun. Our photo booth was made to be quick and fun for guests – and adding props to the mix will slow things down. BUT, if props are a necessity for your wedding, we don’t want to stop you! We’ve found that the best way to use props is to personalize them – head to a resale shop or party store and fill up a bucket with products that are personalized to you and your event. 

Oh no worries! In the event that your venue does not have WiFi, we will sync up our data the next day and all the boomerang videos and still will be sent out at that time.

The thing about our Gifyyy Booth, is that it’s not a huge production to setup. One of our photographers can set it up discretely in about 5 minutes. 

We completely understand – and everyone assumes older people won’t understand it. But they actually really get into it – sometimes even more than younger people! They’ll have a blast, we promise!